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Media Release

SMB’s can now estimate the cost of moving to ‘The Cloud’ with innovative new Cloud Calculator tool


December 7, 2015,


Today sees the launch of Cloud Made Simple’s interactive Cloud Calculator. A brand new Cloud costing estimation tool for SMB decision makers. The Cloud Calculator user has the ability to customise their own cloud computing package to suit their business. The calculator then generates a quote based on the information provided.

Cloud adoption in businesses is growing at a rapid rate of approximately 24 percent, highlighting the crucial importance for SMB’s to understand the benefits, costs and opportunities that cloud computing offers, especially when moving forward to 2016.

The obligation free tool created by Cloud Made Simple aims to assist Australian SMB’s in understanding the flexibility of cloud computing with endless package combinations to choose from. The drag and drop feature can help users compare the cost of their current business technology solution with a completely customised Cloud package of their choice.

“The Cloud Calculator finally gives customers a platform to receive real, customisable and accurate estimates on business cloud solutions, at their own pace and in their own time”, states Managing Director of Cloud Made Simple, Gavin Keane.

Keane identified a gap in the cloud provider sector around helping small and medium business owners take a more simplified look at the cloud for their business and how much it might cost. The Cloud Calculator platform puts consumers in control of the process from the beginning, allowing for freedom in creating a package to suit their business.

“There is no such thing as a cookie-cutter approach when it comes to cloud migration. At Cloud Made Simple, we understand that every SMB has different needs and we can help create a plan to suit these needs”, Keane explains.

The Cloud Calculator can reveal to SMB’s if the move is financially worth it for the future of their business. Businesses are increasingly deciding to make the switch to cloud computing and the Cloud Calculator from Cloud Made Simple can help SMB’s realise the business potential of the cloud and make an informed decision on how to get there, fast!

Check out the newly launched website for access to the Cloud Calculator and more information on Cloud Made Simple’s business IT solutions.


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