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At Cloud Made Simple, we drive businesses forward by equipping them with the right tools to ignite the engine of growth. Too often, organisations gridlocked by old, disordered and an incompatible IT environment.  Our consultants are driven to implement a holistic IT solutions that help you work seamlessly with your technology, allowing you to focus on delivering the best product and service to your customers. 

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key reasons for using a Consulting service 

Industry focused outcomes

Our consultants are specialists in finding your industry specific soultion. We know the products industry leaders are using and we will implement them for you in a way that works for you


 Future proofing organisations

We look to future proof your organisation. We only select products as services we know will last the distance. 

We fully support our solutions

We are commited to traing your  train your staff best-in-class productivity with our products. 


IS your productivity hampered by INEFFICIENT iT systems? 

Our specialist are experts at developing IT roadmaps. We look for the hidden productivity snares that are impeding your growth and we work with you and your team to overcome these problems. We begin by listening, then building a profile of your business. Then we help you build a vision of what you business growth needs to be. We then implement a plan to make that vision a reality.







Business and financial Analysis 

we do a cost benefit analysis according to your budgetary requirements 


 Discover which Industry best-in-class tools you require

We help you understand which tools you should be using in accordance with your industry leaders.

Implementation forecast 

We plan for the rollout of your systems. We work with your team to ensure a smooth transition

Planning for scaling 

As you grow, it's important that your systems and staff  are equpped to manage. We plan around making our services are eleastic. We make it easy to add or remove users. 


 Implment a training plan

Your staff need education and time to adapt to your new systems.  We ensure this process is rolled out in our Implmentation forcast.

Ongoing support

We support all of our products and we are always on hand to provide you with best in house technical support.

Why Work with Cloud Made Simple?

Experts in consulting & business systems

Unique to Cloud Made Simple is our philosophy that consultants must be trained in IT and at least one other specialist field. Our consultants hail from a range of professional backgrounds including financial, distribution and process management.

Regular reporting

We want to build an ongoing partnership with your team. A part of your road-mapping services, we can provide you with annual report to see how you are tracking against your it road map.

Training and support are core services

Although we are consultants, we spend a great deal of time and resources ensure that our support is fantastic. Our support includes remote and situational onsite visits.

BRING your it plan together with TRAINING

Every good IT roadmap requires a staff training strategy. We support our solutions with training courses to accelerate organisational learning and correct IT intergration into your buisiness. From basics to advanced learning, we have trainers that will ensure that all of your staff are making the most of their tools.