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What is Teams Calling

Teams calling is a 100% cloud-based PBX solution built into the Microsoft Teams collaboration platform.

Integrate your business phone number with MS Teams to make and receive calls directly within the app. 

Allow your employees to transition between Microsoft Teams on the go and the office phone at their desk, without missing a beat.

A professional on-call experience with call forwarding, conference calls, auto attendant, call queues, voicemail and hold music.

How Teams Calling Works

Calling in Teams works exactly like a traditional phone system. Once you add a calling plan, you’ll receive your own Direct Inward Dial (DID) number. You can then make and receive calls on your laptop, headset or traditional phone. If you download the Microsoft Teams app you’ll be able to use your Teams on any device as well. 

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Teams Calling Plans

To enable Teams Calling, users must be on a specific license type and have a direct routing partner. Then there are SIP trunks, DIDs and other technical matters to be aware of. But don’t worry – we take care of all of it! We have partnerships with Microsoft, Ingram and telco providers to handle all the backend bits. We’ll get you setup and you only need to know to call us for everything related to Teams. However, if you want to understand the details, here’s how the plans for Teams calling work and what’s required.

  • Licensing: To enable Teams Calling, each user must have an Office 365 enteprise-grade license (E1, E3, or E5) and the M365 Phone System add-on.
  • Calling Plans: Microsoft Teams direct routing calling is now available for Australia, whether you are a single user operation or a large enterprise. The main the cost is for SIP Trunks ($60 each) with a minimum of 5 SIP Trunks. SIP Trunk pricing includes all local, national and mobile calls.


  • Phone Numbers & Porting:  You can keep all your existing numbers or choose new ones. Your phone numbers will need to be ported to the Microsoft platform and we handle all of this. 
  • Deployment Cost: FREEIf your company brings your Office 365 licensing (or signs up for new Office 365 accounts) to us, we will deploy teams calling for free. If you choose not to bring your Office 365 licensing to us, we can provide you with a quote. Terms and conditions apply.

We can help you compare Teams Calling costs with your current phone or 3CX system. Can you give us an idea of how much you are spending with your current provider?

Phone Features in Microsoft Teams

  • Call answering and initiating (by name and number) with integrated dial pad
  • Call holding and retrieving
  • Call forwarding and simultaneous ringing
  • Conference Calls
  • Auto attendant
  • Call queues
  • Voicemail
  • Call history
  • Emergency calling On-hold music


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Business Benefits of Teams Calling

Business Gets Done Everywhere

During a global pandemic. When responsibilities require you to be at home. While you’re traveling for work or pleasure. Teams Calling gives your business the flexibility and professionalism it needs to get the job done. Business doesn’t happen just in the office anymore.  

Use Any Device

When you want to make a call in Teams you can use a desk phone, app-enabled device, headset or your computer. This gives employees the freedom to take calls on their computer while working from a coffee shop or on a mobile device. No matter which method you use, your business number will display.

Expect Features to Evolve as Teams Grows

Microsoft is investing its future in Teams. Therefore, features and integrations for the phone system will evolve and improve as Teams changes. It won’t be a phone system you buy once and then have to upgrade over time. Updates to Teams Calling will roll out in real-time continuously.


Reliable Business Communications

Like other applications in Office 365, Teams is in the cloud. As a result, your phone system isn’t reliant on an office or data center connection. If the data center your phone system depends on goes down, Microsoft moves the connection to a different one. Users don’t notice the change and calls are not dropped or missed. And if Microsoft’s network is ever down, we can forward all calls to your mobile devices.  

A Centralised Digital Workspace

Calling represent about 10% of what you can do in Microsoft Teams. It is a holistic platform that combines communication tools – like chat, file storage and video conferencing – with features that facilitate work, in-office or remotely. Employees are able to share documents, ideas, manage projects, send emails and more all within one platform, and potentially from one device. Learn more about Microsoft Teams.



When it comes to getting Teams Calling deployed for your business, you want someone who knows their stuff. There are plenty of IT companies in Australia, but very few that know what they’re doing with Teams Calling. Look, we don’t often toot our own horn, but here’s why you should work with us:

  • We’ve been deploying cloud solutions and Office 365 for nearly ten years. We’ve seen and done it all. Every business is different. We don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • We’ll work to understand your specific needs and tailor a Teams setup for your business. We’re a Microsoft Gold Partner with a team of experts in Teams Calling, Office 365, Cloud Solutions and Managed Services. We’re staying up-to-date on everything so you don’t have to.
  • PBX requires top-notch customer service. Once setup, we fully support your business and don’t leave you hanging. If your system fails or requires assistance, you want to get it back up fast, and without wasting time searching for your own solution. Microsoft takes a hands-off approach to customer service with Office 365 and continues the same tactic with Teams. The company has an extensive information database but prefers users to manage with a self-service approach, rather than Microsoft committing resources to help. Trust us – it’s not something to take on

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