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Due to rapid advancements in technology, organizations must constantly evolve to stay in the game. Constant changes can be hard to track and even harder to ensure that the staff are well-informed. employees are sometimes reluctant to adopt new tools that are introduced within the organisation. It is human nature to want to stick with familiar routines. However, this can lead to loss in resources and a delay in progress. Training is a good opportunity for employees to catch up on the latest changes in a consistent manner. 


6 Key reasons to adopt  training


Keep up to date with  technology developments & competitors 

Address team weakpoints & close skill gaps

Develop a culture of learning and improvement

Increase employee satisfaction  

Demonstrate willingness to invest personal staff growth

Decrease frequency of mistakes,  improve productivity & quality of work 

DevelopING a culture of improvement & CONSISTENCY

Training supports your staff by minimising the impact of stress brought on by gaps in knowledge or skills. It provides the opportunity for employees to gain clarity about their role.

Training is a part of every good business roadmap. It ensures organisational cohesion by enforcing universal skillset. Make the most of training, by applying it consistently, regularly and with a Cloud Made Simple trusted industry expert.  







Free 30-minute sessions on various topics centred around leveraging technology to create a smarter, more productive office



Virtual Training

End user or company-wide training on a range of technologies through video conferencing and screensharing 


Onsite Training

We come to you! Customisable company-wide training on a range of technologies to drive business efficiency and productivity.   

Why Work with Cloud Made Simple?

Customisable training options 

Choose from our standard training options or courses modified to meet your learning requirements.  

Expert Facilitators

Our certified training specialists are experienced in delivering engaging, hands-on learning and can adapt to each learning environment.

Our holistic approach

Not only do we provide education for technology solutions, we consult, deploy and support everything we sell. 

BRING your it plan together with TRAINING

Every good IT roadmap requires a staff training strategy. We support our solutions with training courses to accelerate organisational learning and correct IT integration into your business. From basics to advanced learning, we have trainers that will ensure that all of your staff are making the most of their tools.