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Q&A From the Seminar

Will the slides be available at the end of the presentation?

We will make the slides available after all Next Level Workplace events on the 10th of July. We will be sending the presentation slides to all who registered.

Does Dynamics 365 link with an e-commerce application?

It depends what the e-commerce application is but the answer is most likely yes. Using a third-party connector, we can bridge the bi-directional data exchange that will eliminate the need for manual data entry between the systems you’ve chosen to integrate.

We are using HubSpot for our CRM. Can we connect it to Power BI?

Yes. We can connect to almost every data source you have. With HubSpot, we can connect to it using APIs to feed into Power BI.

If you send a document from Sharepoint or OneDrive and the recipient has access to that file on your cloud storage, would that not mean they then have an access path to your server? Just thinking from the security point, if someone actually wanted to hack the info.

Great question! Microsoft has setup levels of security and encryption to block users from accessing your SharePoint or OneDrive while still allowing someone to view/edit a file that has been shared with them via SharePoint or OneDrive. You can read more about file security in SharePoint and OneDrive for Business here:

What's the difference between OneDrive and Sharepoint?

OneDrive (Personal) comes included with most of the latest copies of Windows like Windows 7 or Windows 10. This OneDrive is for personal (non-work) files.

OneDrive for Business is an application that comes with Office 365 that is cloud-based storage for your work files that you don’t want everyone in the company to have access to.

SharePoint is an application that comes with Office 365 that is also cloud-based storage but is the place to store and collaborate on files with your team. SharePoint actually uses the engine behind OneDrive for Business to do all of the file syncing, but the SharePoint infrastructure is best for a shared/team document repository that is built for teamwork and collaboration.

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